About Hariom Singh

My Story

Dear friend,

I am Hariom Singh, but you can call me Hari

I believe that I have been blessed with a special purpose in this world, and that is to help  1M people live a life of freedom.

It warms my heart to know that you are here, reading this message. I’m on a mission to help my community. It gives me joy and satisfaction.

You are reading my story here  means a lot to me, and I value your time and appreciate your curiosity. Allow me to tell you a little about myself.

My background

I come from middle class family. 

I’m farmer’s son. I used to take teutions for lower classes since I was in 8th standard. I completed my graduation by teaching my juniors. My Mom used to say that Beta No matter you pass or fail, Never stop learning in your Life. 

I’m still learning, implementing and helping others too. I’m a life long learner.

Thank you Mom,  for your love and guidance. You both Mom and Dad will be with me as I continue to embrace the journey of education.

Stepping Out

I got a job in sales. My salary was 3000/-. I had to convince people to apply for credit card and get filled the application. If I reached the target I will get some small incentives.

Then I moved to domestic call centre. I could not speak English fluently. I wanted to jump into international  BPO / Call centre but I used to get rejected because of my English.

I never turned off, i started learning English on my own. I bought dictionary and started learning English. I used to check the pronunciation is given in dictionary asper phonetics. credit card 

Few months later, I got a job on US outbound BPO where I used to make call to US people. Sometimes they do not understand anything what I say, even I also don’t understand them well. But I could continue.

After a month only, I was able to join an international BPO, Wow! but I was still facing challenges. Now I improved a lot in English.

The Journey of Self Discovery

I got a job in MNC (multi national company) Bangalore. There I got interested in web designing and used to think I have to do something online.

 In  2022, I came acros an advertisement on Youtube. I registered for that webinar. I attended the webinar and something connection happened in the webinar , I wanted to join the program but there was a problem.

The problem was I did not have money. But I had to join that course, then I arranged for the money and I sent an email stating that sir, I  could not join your program on webinar day. I have arranged the money and I want to join right now. Is it possible to. join now.

Few minutes later, I recieved an email stating that yes Hariom you can jump into alog with payment link.

I made the transection and I was lucky to join the program. Then I surrendered  to the mentor and with 3 month I was able to build my system and ready to sell my knowledge.


Thank you Sir!!

Feedback & Reviews

Please check what people are saying!

Chat GPT Script

“Very Powerful content, I learn a lot about AI.I’m feeling proud to giving rating 5 star.”

Vijay Kumar


Sir Thank you so much, through your hand holding mentorship in mission on action challange. I was able to create my website without being technical and with no coding. I didn’t know building a website is so easy. Thank you so much sir, you made me to do it. I know it was possible with your guidance.

Mahavir Singh


I did not know anything about website building. I followed your step by step guide and I was able to build my website in a day with your guidance.



What Can I Do for You?

I come from a middle class family and not only me , many of us  are, Not everybody is the born rich right!

I’m a good student of finding niche, creating courses, how to use AI like chat gpt free and paid both, generating leads organically and through paid ad , Building funnel with  or without AI, Facebook ad, Google Ad and Sell through the webinar and do it on automation.

Ofcourse, everything above said is required to setup a coaching business. I learned all above from the mentor who is implementor. I did everything on my own from building a website to building the best funnel to get quality leads which convert into customers.

I’m able to help you with anything of above or building your coaching system to monetise your expertise.

If you are stuck and procrastinating, not able to do the things as you are supposed to do that. If you are not able to map out the content of your course. If you are struggling in getting leads or show up in the webinar. You are getting leads but due to any reason not getting sales. If sometimes you are getting sale but profitability is not in the place. You need Mentor.

First of all, I’ve worked with me. I mean to say that I built my system and worked with struggle, procrastination, tools required and ofcourse facebook ad.


If you want me to help you in setting up a system for your online coaching business.

If you resonate with my values. My values arehelping more people to get them resuld, Ignite the innovation to their creativity to get the freedom and last but not the lerast automation which gives the Time freedom.

Ofcourse, if all three are present in coaching business money is by product. don’t have to think about the money. it pours like anything all the time

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